And I could feel you next to me
As I was walking down the street
My eyes were covered from behind
A shiver sent down through my spine

It would be rude to call it love
Just a 4-letter word...
To delimit the way we feel
Ain't that so criminally mean?

Slowly sunken, slowly darkened…
Draw the meaning, elusive feelings,
I... what am I supposed to do now?
What am I supposed to do…
If Thought can never be right then,
Are the thoughts on Thought wrong too?

What am I supposed to do…
…With you?
…With you?
…With you?

And at the end, what will I find?

I find...
You, pure
Free from thoughts and words
You have no end and I have no beginning...

Show me the fence!!!
You can't
They can't
They can't
Show me the wall!!!
They can't
They can't
God can't
No border, no fence
No border, no fence


from Tired Horse Soup, released May 6, 2013



all rights reserved


The Bleach Madrid, Spain

Tired Horse Soup (darklands, 2013) viene a decir algo así como "sopa de caballo cansado". Una de esas frases repentinas, que aparecen casi por descuido. Vino y pan, cuerpo y sangre, espíritu y materia. La disolución de todo dualismo.

Shining Blackout (algoenblanco, 2010) fue ese primer apagón reluciente, dos opuestos: luz y oscuridad.
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